Friday, July 25, 2008


I’m going insane…I want to yank my hair

The men in my life are driving me to drink

Really, I am a working wife and mother of 3, ALL BOYS “may I say”.

For once I would love to experience this...

get home and be pampered...

go straight to the bathroom

have your bath full of bubbles and

just sit there and relax. “Calgon take me away”

Yeah sweet thoughts interrupted by

“When is dinner, mom do I have clean uniforms, honey have you seen the remote control”


But oh wait, it’s not possible,

A mothers job never ends.

We come home from a hard day at work,

To cook, get the kids ready for the next day, maybe do some laundry and

By the time you take a minute for yourself you are too tired and have no energy for anything else and

I mean ANYTHING else.

So please if I want a glass of wine instead of the cup of tea,

I think I deserve it; after all, my job is 24/7

I’m always on duty, on call,

But never out of SERVICE

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Do you feel the love dying to burst out?

Tell me

is it me you see when your lips touches hers

When you explore her body

is it my body you hunger for.

The sensation and the thrill of what could be

deceive with what is.

Do you feel my fingertips

gently enticing,

caressing you all over.

Tell me

is it me you feel

when the bodies are tangled up as one

When you drink and taste her

is my thighs you yearn for.

Do you feel the love dying to burst out?

The sensation and thrill of what could be deceive by what is…

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


The bar full and the DJ is off the hook tonight

Ahora Es" is playing by Wisin y Yandel, I love them… off to the dance I floor I go

Dancing to the beat

Transcending into another world

I own the dance floor

Mine to do as I please

My eyes close,

My hip swinging from side to side

I hold the glass of martini and the night is mine to hold.

My body moving like a snake

My hair wild, all over the place

I’m in control, in control of you

Hypnotizing you with every move


Dancing like never before.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Long ago you broke my heart
my dreams of who I thought you to be
destroyed by the knowledge of who you really were
and so I come about.

I don’t know much about you
I never really knew you at all
and here I am all grown up and I wonder
what my life would have been if I had you in it
from the beginning of my existence.

I look in from the outside
I see that circle that I’m not a part of and should be
and sadness fills the empty void that you created.

Little by little I reach out to those who are a part of me
and I’m trying to build on the foundation that was never established
the one that was lost in time
I want to belong but feel like an outcast.

I want you to know that I FORGIVE YOU,
regardless of the pain that I have,
and will always carry with me.

I don’t know if I could ever look in your eyes and feel anything but sorrow
sorry for what you did and didn’t do
Sorry that you will never know me

but most important... sorry for what you've missed.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I am LATINA, I write both in English and in Spanish. I decided to write something in Spanish for a change, but dont worry I also wrote it in English for those of you who can't read in spanish...Here I go enjoy!!!

Que solitario son los dias sin ti, y las noches fria sin tu calor

Es necesario decirte que sin ti no encuentro lo suficiente para sonreír,

El cuerpo se me paraliza,

Mis labios frió y el corazón derrotado.

Como lo haré, si tus palabras son las melodías en mi amanecer,

Te extraño profundamente.

Si, es necesario que sepas que mientras tú este lejano siempre estará cerca de mi corazón ....

My days are lonely and my nights are cold without the warmth of your body.

It is necessary for me to tell you that without you I find it insufficient to smile,

My body is paralyzed,

My lips are numb and the heart defeated.

How will I cope without the sound of your voice?

Your words are the melody in my dawn

I miss you deeply.

It is necessary that you know that while you are distant from me

You are always next to my heart.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


What would I do if I did not have you in my life?

This moment

Right here

Right now

You and I

Means everything to me.

If love means to be without you, I rather not love at all

I swallow the poison, death will be my companion, if it means

That you and I would unite in another life.

This moment

Right here

Right now

You and I

Is the real thing

Love, undeniable love, felt by the words said and unsaid

An image purified by no deception, I love and love will become me.

You are the chosen one, the heart does not lie

This moment

Right here

Right now

You and I

Means everything to me.

Monday, July 7, 2008


Here I am once again; my desk is full of papers, my computer with different programs up and running, and my mind is blank. I feel numb and uninspired, WHY!!!!!
I have all this work to do.

HA! I more willingly would be in the beach with a martini or a margarita in my hand followed by a view to die for.
You see, you can’t just go to any beach; you have to go to South Beach; where not only is the water crystal blue, but the people are beautiful as well, hey that is where I am laying half naked.

Oh great, a reminder just popped up, meeting in half an hour. So here I am once again; my desk is still full of papers and my computer going crazy. Oh well…

Tuesday, July 1, 2008





Can we dance to the last song of the night? Look into my eyes; as you hold me tenderly, Don't let go I have fallen in love with you tonight as we dance to the last song You too will know it.
Breathing deeply, my nerves taking over me do you feel it? The way we move and your touch so heavenly.
Motionless on the crowded floor looking at you without interruptions. I love you, can you hear me, and I love you I said. Then I wake and you are not there.


Dear Heart,

I know that our love cannot be,

This forbidden love has no meaning to others, but to me it means the world.
How can I give you up?

We're miles apart,

This empty feeling and
The telephone conversations keep me cold at night. When I need you I close my eyes,
I'm blind to the world but there you are in the depths of my mind.

I feel love and my heart dies slowly.
The heartbeat is fading away with each word that is said.

I feel my fingers and remember running them through your hair as a child.
How do you get over something that never began?
I know our love cannot be,

This forbidden love has no meaning to others
, but to me it means the world
You and I united for life and parted by circumstances

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