Monday, May 25, 2009


I spent Mothers day With my family; the kids were having a blast, the men were being men and us girl were enjoying our day. Everything was perfect and on our way back to the Marina we had some unexpected visitors. Enjoy...


This memorial weekend has been by far one of the greatest weekends I’ve had.
I did nothing; I simply relaxed with my man, enjoyed each other’s company and watch movies all weekend long.
I usually don’t do this,
I mean I like movies,
who doesn’t
but to watch movies all weekend long C”MON so unreal of me.
But it wasn’t about the movies;
it was about spending quality time with the person I love the most.
The weather was perfect
“it rained”
we cuddle,
talked and watch movie
after movie,
from Sci fi
and we can’t forget
the tear jerker’s.
So while half of America partied this Memorial weekend,
I had my own celebrations,
I celebrated the unity of a love beyond perfection,
I celebrated US.

Monday, May 18, 2009


You think you know them, do? Or so you tell yourself, but what do you really know about “MEN”.

Men, a rare species, one that can be trained with the right tools and we have the right tools to tame this mystical creature.

Not only do we have the smarts, but we have talent, wits and our seductive ways.

We have the power, the power of the “BLIP” (can’t really write the word down).

So you see “MEN”, they’re not hard to read.

All we have to do is bat our eyes, swing our legs and watch the rain pour “Oh it’s raining men”


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